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#1 2006-07-18 17:50:33

Quite Tall
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Shoes for sale

Because I can not find any forum where you can announce
you have something special height-related to sell here... hrm*

I just make a new topic and hope this is OK
otherwise, boss, - just delete my post -

What do I then want to sell that is height-related?
well - it is a pair of big sized very unused high heeled

- I can really not wear them - I bought them and
they seemed OK but my bunions are only getting
worse and it will still be a long time before I make any
operation - so I just want to get rith of them because
I have other shoes I can wear without pain for nice photos.

So - they are actually medium to broad - but
not bunions friendly.

Size 45 (eur) - US 13 - UK 10'5

you find them on Ebay under item-number:


(advanced search)




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