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#1 2006-06-16 00:49:56

Vertically Gifted
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I'm a teen again!

Got braces today and completely forgot how bulky and weird they feel the first day!  And I made the mistake of getting navy blue bands, so my teeth look like they have black stuff on them--shoulda gotten the pink <_< 18 months of this to save my lower incisors. I had bittne and injured one enough to kill it and get a root canal and another cracked from my bite, so I am trying a second go around with these things. They now give you a permanent wire behind the lower ones and tell you to use your retainer for life--who knew??  They told me I was fine after a couple of years, and 4 impacted wisdom teeth and 2 pregnancies later, my teeth were just as bad as before

I'll take pictures with my new kitchen that is 95% complete. I should have pics of that up next week once I finish the backsplash (it's about 75% done--and looks amazing!).   It's been a long road with that, too!  I'm discovering talents I never knew I had )tile laying--I'm doing the backsplash).




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