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about chinese news

"Some names, perhaps it is only the dust of history. In flood times,  the ups and downs, the pain does not
Kansas. However, some of these things is with the dust settle down, unchanged for thousands of years thick. "
"Kun Peng wings, nine miles, turning spread upward claw. A young man like the President of the phrase word. Now old,
Burning things in life can have no more left, only to find we have the rootdoudoune moncler behind the fate of the original line, and finally
Escape the fate of the kite. Space is the dream of the ancient hero Oh, and can only as Wang Guowei said, poor people themselves are the eyes of it.
Keep house, you have big, we do the elders have no reason to interfere in your right, just hope, for their choice,
In the future you will also regret it. "
"Ho Shou Gong, I give you this name is taken. Gecko is a lizard, you prefer the Chinese, as you surely had earlier
Know. But, you know why I give you to take such a name? "
His grandfather asked with a smile, and I do not seem to answer, Ce Guotou go, look out the window. Pot on the windowsill
Clivia grow very well. The afternoon sun painted grandfather thin sallow face Jingru paint, I see distinct
Blinks his eyes and tears.
"Keeping house, what hold can hold what, and exactly what the hold?" I heard my grandfather as if from
The light made himself ask.

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