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#1 2006-12-13 12:48:08

From: Arbroath, North East Scotland
Registered: 2006-11-13
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Height: 6'3


Hey! I'm in the school library and I'm irritated and freaked out cos the guy sitting 1 computer away from me keeps looking at me! I looked round and he turned back to his own screen but it's a pain in the ass! <_< ! I think he's in my P.E class but even so! STOP LOOKING!
I'm so hungry but lunch is in 15 minutes so I'll survive! He, He! That boy just got up and tripped over his chair! That's what you get for being rude! big_smile ! All I've had to eat today is a chocolate biscuit and drink of hot chocolate for breakfast and that was nearly 5 hours ago! sad !
Great my stomachs rumbling!  :unsure: !
Well gotta go! See ya!
Vikki x




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